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1. Information about service and products.
    1.1. The website operates according to the laws of Ukraine.
    1.2. This website is a store of research chemicals, all products, which are presented on the website are legal and safe.
    1.3. Products on the website aren't for human use, all of them are compounds for chemical or/and biochemical research.
    1.4. All characteristics of products are presented on the product page of each product.


2. Account and order.
    2.1. By making account or/and making an order you confirm that you are you are at least 18 years of age.
    2.2. Placing orders on the website for minors are not permitted.
    2.3. While making an order you are putting personal data, which is required for the shipment. Privacy policy is written below in paragraph 3.


3. Privacy policy
    3.1. We are collecting your personal data, which is needed for the shipment. This is your first and last name, phone number and address of delivery.
    3.2. We are using your e-mail for contacting you and providing a payment.
    3.3. Website is using TLS security.


4. Payment and return.
    4.1. Payment can be made with your bank card Visa/Mastercard on the website, with SWIFT transfer through your bank account or MoneyGram, or with cryptocurrency.
    4.2. SWIFT bank transfer is provided with IBAN code, which we are giving you in requisites through the e-mail.
    4.3. Return of the payment for the order is possible only before it is shipped. 
    4.3. Return of the payment with cryptocurrency is possible in amount of cryptocurrency you have send without blockchain fees.    

5. Delivery.
    5.1. We send your order through the International Mail Delivery.
    5.2. You get the tracking number of the shipment.
    5.3. If you wish to choose a shipment with DHL or other more expensive services, you can write us.
    5.4. We input Safety data sheet of the substance in the parcel.  

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