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What we are doing?

ISRIB SHOP gives access to chemical reagents and research compounds. All chemicals are laboratory synthesized and have a purity of 96% or higher. On the product page you can find characteristics of each compound and chemical formulas with CAS numbers. You can ask in the Chat window some more scientific links about substances.

How to place an order, pay and receive the goods?


Select and add to the cart a certain quantity of product, you wish to buy. Fulfill the required information, which is needed for shipping.


We're contacting you and give required information for providing a payment. You may choose a payment with cryptocurrency or SWIFT bank transfer.


You pay for the order by requisites with bank transfer. Or if you choose a payment with cryptocurrency,  you send it on a crypto wallet address. You can read a crypto guide to know how to pay with cryptocurrency.


We send your order through the International Mail Delivery to any country worldwide and give you a tracking number. You can track your order with tracking number of the delivery.

Which kind of payment do we accept?

You can pay with SWIFT, SEPA, MoneyGram, Western Union, RIA, PayPal or cryptocurrency.


How to track and receive delivery?

We are sending your order by International Mail Delivery with tracking number. You can track your parcel until you will receive it. We are putting Safety Data Sheet with the compound inside the parcel so customs will not have any questions. 

What if you have not received your parcel?

It is possible due to incorrect delivery information so check it before you are placing the order. Also it might be due to the custom control. All substances on the website are legal and safe. We put Safety Data Sheet with your order is likely to pass the custom control. Nevertheless, if you have not received your parcel, contact us. Tell your order number and we will help you. 

Are we selling a real pure chemical compounds?

We are giving access only to substances with pure quality.  You can see Proton nuclear magnetic resonance of Integrated stress response inhibitor below.


What are the areas of application of your products?

Compounds from the store can be used for chemical and biochemical research tools.

How to refuse the order and return the money? 

You can refuse your order only before we ship the order. We can cancel the order and refund your payment only if we don't send your order yet. If you pay with a SWIFT transfer, we are doing a refund with SWIFT transfer on your bank account. If you pay with cryptocurrency, we send your amount of cryptocurrency on your wallet. Please note that you will get your amount in cryptocurrency back without commission of the blockchain.

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